Welcome to the home of the Braille Readers are Leaders K-12 Contest.

Braille Readers are Leaders K-12 Contest

It’s time to start reading! The reading period for the annual Braille Readers Are Leaders K-12 Contest begins November 1. If you haven’t had a chance to register for the contest, it’s not too late! You can register at www.braillereadersareleaders.org now through the end of the contest.

The contest is for k-12 students who are independent Braille readers. There are many levels of participation, from beginning Braille readers to the more advanced. Participants read for prizes, practice, and pleasure. Whether you love the competition, or are spurred on simply because it’s a great way to promote and refine your Braille skills, this contest is for you.

Purpose: The mission of the Braille Readers Are Leaders K-12 Contest is to motivate children to read Braille regularly and frequently because:

  • Braille is fun and suitable for leisure reading, not just for academics.
  • Braille readers can be competitive with print readers in speed and fluency.
  • There is no special secret or mystery to becoming a good Braille reader. It just takes lots of practice, practice, practice, and more practice.
  • Braille literacy increases independence in daily living activities outside the classroom.
  • For low vision students, fluent Braille reading can be an effective, pleasant alternative to print reading.
  • Braille literacy increases opportunities for participation in the community.
  • Braille readers ARE leaders when they use their literacy skills to serve others.
  • Studies show that Braille skills established early in life increase the prospect for successful employment.

Categories: There are six categories: grades K-1, 2-3, 4-5, 6-8, 9-12, and Print-to-Braille. The Print-to-Braille category is for former or current print readers who have just begun to read Braille independently. This includes formerly sighted children who became blind after mastering print or partially sighted print readers who are learning Braille while they continue to read some print. Children who began to learn to read Braille at the same time as sighted peers typically learn to read print (kindergarten or first grade) are not eligible for this category.


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